Ard Rock:
1. Be super ready at 6.30am 25-10-15 to try book 3 tickets online... DOH!!
2. Wait a year...
3. Be ultra ready at 6.30am 28-10-16 to book 3 tickets online..... SUCCESS!!!
4. Forget about the race, its 10 months away...BUT promise yourself you'll be in prime racing shape with tons of big miles under your belt .....
5. Ohh.. the race is in 5 days!! 
6. Drive there on one singletrack back road, dodging wildlife and talking nonsense with the boys. 
7. Sign on and get the best looking number board of the year. Use fb profile for photo ID !
8. Eat some fancy porridge on site and chill with a brew. 
9. Get a team pic by the van all kitted up, in case we don't make it back the stoke is high!
10. Line up at start time and get sent off for the lap like it's 1999.
11. Guess how hard to push riding stages blind. Burn ourselves so badly in stage 1 we need a 10min sit down 
12. Carry on ..., fist bumps after stage 2, what a buzz!
13. Stage 3 awesome top section, with a grim flat pedal (felt flat haha) into the wind to finish you off. Shouting RIDER to get through the traffic.
14. Grinding out the huge transitions
15. Stage 4 chasing Lee, laughing a lot, then losing touch as more 'RIDER' shouting was needed and passes were made.. or not. 
16. Huge push up transition with a touch of rain. Thankful of the jacket in my Camelbak its a bit nippy now and the fatigue is real 
17. Sun was back out for stage 5 . A leg ripper that turned into a flowing rollercoaster of fun, and second wind of energy kicked in (RIDER!)
18. Finish in sight now, stage 6, just let rip, wall jumping, manualling, soaking up humps, grass turn sliding, surprise bomb hole boosting , crowd cheering.... YES FINISHED 
19. Kids with cow bells cheering us back into the arena . Race times are printed, comparisons are made, all glad to be in one piece.
20. Time to check the leader boards to see how bad we got smoked . Much respect to those boys on the box, serious times .
21. Soak up a bit of the ace atmosphere, grab a burger and hit the road again!

Big ups to all those that make it possible, it's a superb event. Good luck getting an entry for '18 
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