I was very excited to try the all new carbon Enduro bike from Kona, the Process 153 CR DL. But the toughest Hebtech in the dark and the sloppiest conditions going???

What you need to know:

1. She's a looker thats for sure, everyone agrees.
2. Its built for agro, Kona's are always well built but this is something else. The frame / upper link / chain & seat stays are huge.
3. It rides superb like an even stiffer 2017 Process 153 the downhillers trail bike. Kona's geo is spot on.
4. It pedals way better than the old bike, like way better. Climbs better and really jumps forward when you get your sprint on!
5. You can get a bottle in the frame!
6. The build kit on this top end CR DL model is great and a 170 drop reverb on the large is what an Enduro bike should have.
7. Buy one ;-)