Me & Lee went down for an epic day at Revolution Bike Park for some uplift madness. You can't trust that weather man not for a minute. What day hitting Revo' and smashing run after run. It takes a little getting up to speed when you go to one of these uplift venue's. If you haven't been to one its like jumping staight into flames. On a regular ride you spend a good bit of time spinning away to get up a hill but uplift means its all downhill baby! This can get you into trouble quite quickly either at the start of the day or the end usually as fatigue kicks in as you greedily go for one more run!

An awesome day was had I rode the shop demo Kona Operator DL and it was a blast. It took a little getting used to after never really riding a DH bike and being used to the Yeti SB5.5 29er Enduro / Trail bike. 

Check out the video we put together