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1 x 120ml Squirt Chain Lube, price includes UK postage, Cycle Factory staff pick!

Ok the brand is called Squirt and I feel this chain lube is the best available on the market. "Never heard of it" I hear you say, well yes that doesnt surprise me as its not a huge well known brand. I've been using it now myself for 5 years and we've been selling it here at Cycle Factory since we openend 3 years ago. Its a Wax & Water based emulsion that works in any conditions for any bike type. Degrease your entire drivetrain of all the horrid grease, oil based lubes and muck, apply Squirt, no need to wipe it down just let the water in the emulsion evaporate and your set. Now enjoy the smoothest drive and shifting known to man. Now for Squirts magic trick, it does not attract dirt at all! Your drivetrain stays clean and free from that black nasty build up that not only is a massive pain to clean, affects shifting and smoothness, it is wearing your expensive parts out much, much faster.

The 120ml bottle shown lasts for ages and comes in at £11.99, we also stock huge 500ml bottles which saves money in the long run at £42. We will also refill your 120ml bottle for £10 if you bring it back in ;-) 
For those still on the fence we have some FREE 15ml sample bottles to check out these bold claims (100% conversion to Squirt from people we give these too so far iin 3 years). They're also great to put in the pack for huge marathon rides or bike packing.



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